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Trusted Financial Advisor to the Renewable Energy Industry

Virentis Advisors is a boutique investment banking firm serving clients in the renewable energy sector, with unique experience and a niche focus on the bioenergy industry.

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Our Services

Comprehensive Solutions for Project Finance Requirements

Virentis Advisors has deep expertise across project finance, deal structuring, sourcing of debt and equity, tax credit monetization, tax planning, and project development.

Debt and Equity

Sourcing and negotiation of all or portions of capital requirements including senior debt, subordinated debt/mezzanine, equity (sourced from institutions and strategics). Experience with capital providers including:

  • Conventional and Government Guaranteed Debt (SBA, USDA & DOE)
  • Non-Bank Lenders
  • Tax-Exempt / Taxable Bond Investors
  • Infrastructure Funds
  • Private Equity
  • Strategic Equity Sponsors
  • Grants (federal, state and local)

Tax Credit Monetization

Virentis has an existing and expanding network of tax investors with interest in supporting the bioenergy industry. Services offered to project owners and tax credit investors include:

  • Tax credit “Transfers” (under Section 6418)
  • Traditional tax equity structures (Partnership flip, Sale leaseback, Inverted lease)
  • Federal tax incentives eligibility and sizing assessment
    • Investment Tax Credits
    • Production Tax Credits
    • New Markets Tax Credits
    • Opportunity Zones
  • Development of strategies to meet tax authority timelines
  • Supporting documentation for tax credit eligibility and sizing for tax investors and tax credit buyers
  • Modeling and comparative analysis for monetizing tax incentives

About Us

Investment Banking with a Sole Purpose – Optimize Your Outcomes

Virentis Advisors’ partners have over $7 billion of project experience since 2008 across the renewable energy spectrum – wind, solar, hydro, biomass, biogas, biofuels and geothermal. Over $2.1 billion of these projects have been in the bioenergy industry.

Virentis focuses on supporting client's capital needs within the bioenergy industry, using our principals' collective experience.

Virentis works with a wide range of renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure clients, including project developers, waste companies, oil and gas companies, food and beverage manufacturers, utilities, and municipalities.

Certain Virentis principals have Series 79 and 63 securities licenses and are registered representatives through DCF, LLC, Member FINRA and SIPC.

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IRA 22 Impact

Impact of Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA 22)

Unlocking the Potential: How the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA 22) Transforms the Bioenergy Landscape

Dynamic Impact IRA 22’s impact on the bioenergy industry has already

been dramatic and has enabled bioenergy tax credits to become a true asset class.

Larger ITCs / PTCs Bioenergy projects can now earn larger Investment

Tax Credits & Production Tax Credits (ITCs and PTCs) worth up to 50%, as well as new 45Z PTC for clean fuels production.

Broad Application There is now broad application of significant

federal tax incentives to projects utilizing organic matter to produce energy; ITCs and PTCs now apply to projects producing biofuels used for transportation or heating purposes which previously only applied to projects which generated electricity.

Economic Strength Impact of ITC/45Z provisions can mean a 25-40%

net reduction of project capital needs and increase revenue generation by 10-35%, whichwhich enables a sector experiencing dramatic growth to become even stronger economically.

Virentis/Crux Bioenergy Tax Credit Marketplace

Virentis is proud to have a partnership with Crux Climate, a new ecosystem for tax credit buyers and sellers to transact and manage their credits. Virentis and Crux have created a bioenergy dedicated marketplace to serve developers of qualified biogas and other biofuels projects to efficiently monetize their tax incentives. Virentis brings decades of bioenergy transaction experience to the platform, alongside Crux’s technology and robust buyer base.

Empowering the Future  of Renewable Energy

Our Experience

Empowering the Future of Renewable Energy

Virentis is focused on supporting the capital needs of clients within the bioenergy industry and is building on the principals’ collective experience with bioenergy projects that have been built or are under construction including:

  • Biogas and steam projects:
    • Landfill gas
    • Agricultural waste
    • Food waste
    • Food and beverage wastewater
    • Municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Biofuels / Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Bioenergy projects
Project experience
15 years
In renewable energy

Bioenergy Industry

Driving Decarbonization

Bioenergy is a form of renewable energy that is derived from recently living organic materials

known as biomass, which can be used to produce transportation fuels, heat, electricity and other products.

Bioenergy projects have the unique ability to de-carbonize multiple sectors of the economy with

the energy they produce (power, transportation, manufacturing, waste management, commercial and industrial purposes).

  • Examples include biofuels such as ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, renewable natural gas and clean hydrogen, as well as electricity production from biomass and biogas.
  • Additional beneficial use by-products include compost, biochar and biodegradable packaging and chemicals.

The bioenergy industry has the ability to reduce more carbon emissions, provide direct Scope 1, 2 and 3 benefits and satisfy more ESG mandates per dollar of invested capital than other renewable energy asset classes due to its low “carbon intensity”.

Our Mission

Virentis is committed to supporting the work of adapting to climate change

The energy transition is under way, and Virentis is dedicated to driving supportive financial innovation.

At Virentis, we believe that organizations must approach this transition to sustainability with the fundamental belief that effective change is actually possible. The work effort requires financial discipline and informed decision making, so that the changes being implemented remain economically viable. Virentis was created to support organizations as they implement transformative improvements, accelerating the shift to a circular economy and creating positive impact that benefits not only themselves, but the communities they serve.

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Our Team

Meet our team

Virentis formed in 2022 with these former leaders of nationally known energy advisor, investment banks, and senior lenders.

  • Michael J. Land
    Michael J. Land

    Managing Partner

    28 years investment banking, 15 years founding and leading renewable energy practice at national accounting firm.

  • Max Vernier
    Max Vernier

    Managing Partner

    10 years at a national senior lender, founding and leading the bioenergy lending group.

  • Chris Bourassa
    Chris Bourassa

    Managing Partner

    18 years in combination of Big 4 tax advisory and tax equity investment banking.

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